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Find now you tree your date of birth is related to

The 4 cardinal trees

21 March


The Strength

It also represents the vital energy, the invisible force. Its roots are deep and it is not afraid of the passing years. It can live several centuries. Its power is important.

Obviously, you aren't living life in the fast lane, but it is through your descendants that you will survive.

Attached to traditions, you know how to instil the sense of values to your family.

Your greatest hope is to fulfil your purpose in life. You are not scared of anything and no one could stop your momentum. Defeat boosts your wellbeing and you always learn from it.

Beneath your warrior appearance, you are highly sensitive which carries a devotion for others.


Famous natives from Oak tree:  Jean-Sébastien Bach, Gary Oldman, Françoise Dorléac , Pierre Renoir

24 June


The Knowledge

The Birch is able to resist to a strong winter, without light in terrible cold.

The Celts admired this tree without any limit and called it : Gods bless it. It is the light tree.


You hate all vulgar things, you prefer refined and majestic things. Your advices are enlightened and you like to be consulted.

You are able to sacrifice yourself to help others. But the disappointment is still here because it is not always reciprocated. Talented for communicating, you are able to get ideas across simply and to provide clarity for complicated things. You have been blessed to inherit an ability for learning languages.

Power doesn't attract you and you avoid ambitious people.



Famous natives from birch tree:  Claude Chabrol, Lionel Messi, Brigitte Fontaine

23 September


The Wisdom

The Olive tree discloses us three secrets of a well-balanced life.

To be frugal, it is not afraid of transplantation and look for the sunlight. Its soil must be airy and water must easily flow.


Generous, its fruits are rich in oil and bring happiness and prosperity.

 Justice and beauty are your key words and you perfectly represent them.

Within a community, your presence is very important because you carry out the tasks that others refused.

For you, nothing feels uninteresting.

Your goodwill leads you towards peace and serenity.

Often you become victim of your ideals, do not hesitate to cross the T's and dot the I's.



Famous natives from olive tree: Romy Schneider, Ray Charles, Cyril Hanouna, Patrick Fiori

22 Decembre

The Patience

Its silver bark is sensitive to the sun's caress, but its dense foliage protects its against burns. Able to progress on limestone soils, it can bear rain and heat.


It is the symbol of perseverance.

Constant in your willingness to face the future, you reflect critically on the world's history.

Even if to work for the future is an excellent engine, you can't deny the values of the past.

The trust that you have in yourself and your impetuosity are at the same time your force and your weakness.

Your analytical mind and patience make you able to accomplish big things and important transformations.



Famous natives from beech tree: Jean Racine, Giaocomo Puccini, Vanessa Paradis

The other trees of the Horoscope

From 2 January to 11 January

From 5 July to 14 July

The Fecundity

It is the symbol of the victory of life over death.


You are reserved by nature and you know your vulnerabilities.

You protect yourself behind a cold appearance in order to make distance with others. But with trust, you become the best friends.

Loneliness scares you; you ruminate whereas you should communicate your impressions.

Your path of life could be chaotic, which makes you understandable and the ideal confident.

You should follow your spontaneity; it will bring you fresh air.



Famous natives from fir tree: Marcel Proust, Simone de Beauvoir, Jacques Lassalle


The one, who gives safety and protection to the world, will often get the contrary.

It's better to give to the world what it refuses. Thus, each birth will bring a little bit of light in the mysterious darkness, such as Christmas tree of our early childhood.

From 12 January to 24 January

from 15 July to 25 July

The Nobility

It grows more than twice as fast as the oak tree and it's also a solid and resistant wood.

It represents greatness and friendliness.


You like to play with the opposites; you hesitate between standing alone and including others.

Committed to justice and tolerance, you have a spirited soul, but you will fight if it's needed.

But your naive side makes you believe that humanity is good which could cause some disillusionment.

You are a philosopher and an observer. It's by writing that people will better understand you.




Famous natives from elm tree: Alexandre Dumas, Molière, Georges Lautrec

From 25 January to 3 February

From 26 July to 4 August

The Release

From early in your life, It's obvious that you need to gain your independence.


You need to stand apart from others, not because of your pretentiousness or not in the spirit of conquest or superiority, but for your own growth.


When obstacles arise you will be alone to face them.

Nobody says that you are selfish because you respect people's freedom and you would like for them to do the same to you.

Your reclusiveness aspires for wisdom.




Famous natives from cypress tree: Mozart, Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, Yves Saint Laurent,Claude François

From 4 February to 8 February

From 05 August to 13 August

From 1 May au 14 May

The Metamorphosis

The slightest breeze sets it in motion and the soft rustle of its leaves reminds us of its presence. Light and soft, it appears to be suitable for sculpture. This tree was venerated for its softness and its adaptation. It grows very fast.

Like the Poplar, you quickly assimilate things.

Your curiosity is lively and your “jack of all trades side” doesn’t make you foolish. You surround and cherish your relationships.

You trust anybody who deserves it. You don't abuse others, but you don't let anyone exploit you. Your recklessness is a big force because you never fear of the next day.

Thus you are always ready for adventure.



Famous natives from poplar tree: Mata Hari, Che Guevara, Neil Amstrong

From 9 February to 18 February

Du 14 August to 23 August

The Longevity, Revelation

This tree is impressive, the oldest one may be in Lebanon and it is more than 2,500 years old.

Its beauty, resistance, its smell offers several uses.


You have a deep desire to have an exceptional fate.

You weren't born by chance. Your ability to analyze, to understand the world is important and it could open you to many different careers : Medicine, architecture, theology.

Due to your natural wisdom, you overcome obstacles. Failure doesn't affect your moral, neither does success make you take the lead.



 Famous natives from cedar tree: Abraham Lincoln, Napoléon Ier, Louis XVI, Guy Lagache, Sylvie Vartan

From 19 February to 29 February

From 24 August to 2 September

The Foresight

It can resist everything. The coldest air, the burning sun and nothing can weaken it.

It was called « the fire tree ». With its wood chips, they could enlighten and with its sap they could make torches.

It leads the way like a pathfinder.


Caution is your key word , you calculate your actions and measure your words. Anxious about tomorrow, you always do more than what you need to not get caught by surprise.

You always keep your self-control because you like to control situations.

You don't hesitate to say what you think; you are respected for your point of view.

You are very protective and you feel comfortable only when others are fine.

People born during these two periods are careful, farsighted and hardheaded.



Famous natives from pin tree: Victore Hugo, Léonard Bernstein, Ingrid Bergmam, Léo Ferré

From 1 March to 10 March

From 3 September to 12 September

The Knowledge

Like the willow tree, you are physically and intellectually flexible which permits you permanently to rebound and to talk about any topics with facility.

You are tolerant and your ability to understand people's motivations makes you a person that we love to meet and to become friends with.

Loving, the language of feelings is how you speak.

Dreams guide your actions.



Famous natives from wilow tree: Ferdinand Porche, Youri Gagarine​, Justin Bieber, Frédéric Chopin

From 11 March to 20 March

From 13 September to 22 September

L' Altruism

Celts claimed that at its shadow the truth comes out, that its perfume will tilt the judges for clemency.

A legend says to not throw former lime's flowers away, but to package them and drop them at different places of the house. It will protect against the danger of passion.


The truth rarely satisfies you and you have a dreamer soul. Your hypersensitivity makes you feel some events in advance.

You are torn between the microcosm (Earth and human beings) and the macrocosm (the sky and the universe).

What is miraculous to you is that you were born to share your wonderful taste to others.

Unfortunately, we don't take you seriously but you don't care because you know there is a truth somewhere else.



Famous natives from lime tree: Albert Einstein, Greta Garbo, Amy Winehouse​, Agatha Christie

from 22 March to 31 March

From 24 September to 3 October

The Progress

Mistletoe that is picked from its branches protects against a bad spell. Sleeping under its shadow can make people dream. Wizards also use its branches to make wands in order to discover underground streams.

The hazel tree is a source of fertility and lust. Just like newborns need 9 months to develop in their mother's womb, the hazel tree needs 9 years before bearing fruits.

That’s why your number is 9.

You are unique and you embellish everything that you touch.

It's a common for you to fear things. You have a pioneer's soul, but you exhaust yourself by wanting to correct difficult situations. You should let them slowly work through their own “hazelnut”. In fact, the first is not the one who sweeps away all knowledge, but the one who stimulates and encourages its own examples of the competitive spirit on one another.



 Famous natives from hazel tree :Mahatma Gandhi, Sting, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Elton John

From 1er April to 10 April

From 4 October to 13 October

The Fulfilment

Tough and durable, and at the same time very simple, rowan wood has different shapes and shines brightly. The Celts use it to make art objects.

Popular belief is that it protects cattle. Cut a branch before sunrise and touch the animal, this is a sign of protection and fertility.

It promotes the wellbeing and the growth of the animal.

Generosity and selflessness are your strong points.  Your main desire is to improve things constantly, embellish life even if the conditions are difficult.

Your communication skill allows you to adapt yourself in any situation and the consideration you give to others make you a loveable and precious person.

However, you are independent and you need your own mark to follow your path.

Your motto is : « Improve yourself and you’ll have improved the world » .



 Famous natives from rowan tree: Jane Powell, Serge Gainsbourg, Emile Zola, Marlon Brando, Eddie Murphy

From 11 April to 20 April

From 14 October to 23 October

The Resistance

A Celtic proverb says « Passenger like the snow in April  is the whiteness of a maple tree.

They drank its sap to calm down the impulsive spirits.

Security and comfort are unnecessary, as long as your peers recognize you.

You feel invested in your mission and believe in your lucky star.

Your independence often enters into conflict with the community and therefore you will suffer with that the most.

Everything that reflects the unknown or contains dangers attracts your curiosity and strengthens your intrepid spirit.



 Famous natives from maple tree: Charlie Chaplin, Oscar Wilde, Anatole France, Peter Ustinov

From 21 April to 30 April

From 24 October to 02 November

The Memory of Time

It is a passing tree that needs a lot of sunlight and heat.

The walnut tree fertilizes itself or it lets the wind do it. It is the memory, the roots of history.


Your existence can swing between happiness and sadness, abundance and loss.

Only the strength of your personality prevents you from sliding into despair.

Like your tree, you need sunlight, heat that helps you to quickly get out of the difficult situation. However, danger attracts you but only at a small amount.

Your obsessive fear: « deprivation ».

You deploy a colossal working capability. You spare nothing and no one to reach your goals.

An entire temperament, you hate approximate and unfinished things. You are also entire and possessive in your love life.

Famous Martin Luther King said : « I cannot do otherwise, may God help me »

Famous natives from walnut tree: William Shakespeare, Pablo Picasso, Elisabeth  II of England, Salvatore Adamo

 From 3 November to 11 November

The Element Force

This tree grows just as well in brightest zones as it does in darkest zones and creates a strange atmosphere.

It likes limestone soil.

Its place is quite secret; it is hidden behind the walnut tree. « The uncertainty cross » is fixed inside, symbolized by three apparitions of the poplar tree in the calendar.

The uncertainty cross that crosses our Celtic circle throughout, finishes when the death is certain (the yew tree), where its take its roots.

The Druids claimed that they came from this tree. It is power and origin household.


Reality doesn't affect you. You distrust the world of appearances because you think the truth is hidden. You think you must give yourself back to reach what will give you an entire, rigorous and uninfluenced temperament.

As your tree, you like to proceed in the shadows.

In spite of the force that you have, a big insecurity accompanies you constantly. If you accept to give your trust more frequently, your chances of success will be favourable.



 Famous natives from yew tree : Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Luther, Alain Delon, Gordon Romsay, Florence Foresti

From 15 May to 24 May

From 12 November to 21 November

The True

Speed and vigor, hardness and softness, its aspects are multiples. It represents inflexibility and fairness.


You are a perfectionist, always dissatisfied, never happy with yourself.

It is not a caprice but a desire to always go further and higher. You are too  self-critical. When you make a decision, nothing will stop you to reach it.

You can't bear smooth talkers because you instantly suspect them.

A little bit more sense of humor on your side would be a benefit.



 Famous natives from chestnut tree : Voltaire, Indira Gandhi, Carly Rae Jepsen, Honoré de Balzac, Socrate

From 25 May to 3 June

From 22 November to 1 December

The Balance

Its role is to protect and to stabilize.

It watches over heritage and evolution.


Ambition is your engine, which gives you a go-getter personality. You don't really care about details.

People will misrepresent you as an intransigent and harsh person. But it doesn't bother you, for you only results are important. You can be demanding of yourself and you can make sacrifices in order to foster success. People say that you are stubborn, not very generous and a calculating person. However, you only consider achievement. You care about tomorrow but you will compromise your goal accordingly.

You want to keep your identity, your freedom and your independence. You are loyal and will support people or causes. The closer you get the highest spheres, the more you will help others to get more freedom and independence.



 Famous natives from ash tree: Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Henry Kissinger

From 4 June to 13 June

From 2 December to 11 December

The Loyalty

Its wood is the toughest of Europe and it adapts to environments everywhere. Peasants used it to protect their farms by growing impenetrable hedges.

It is weatherproof, which is why it is a symbol of loyalty and righteousness.


Your main qualities : frankness and faithfulness.

You are a faithful and honest person.

Keeping your word is important, you won't go back on it. But this righteousness can turn out to be perilous. You should admit once in a while a little discernment which could allow you to accomplish bigger things.



 Famous natives from hornbeam tree: Marie Stuart, Alexandre Soljenitsyme,Britney Spears​, Nicki Minaj

From 14 June to 23 June

From 12 December to 21 December

The Delicacy

The fig tree is the tree of pleasure, beauty and service.


As its image, you are elegant, refined, and delicate. That is to say you are pleasant to live with and always available willing to help. Power conflicts don't interest you.

You stay away from everyday noise.

You are very sensitive and you feel things and  events, you are like a seer.

This sensitive receptivity is also a source of painfulness because you are also vulnerable. Psychology, sociology, medicine are some of the activities that suit you.



 Famous natives from fig tree: Willy Brandt, Françoise Sagan, Jean-Paul Sartre, Zidane

From 25 June to 4 July

from 23 December to 1er January

The Love

It is the perfection and link that connects humans to nature. A legend said « the one who drink an apple juice while hugging the tree's trunk during a storm will protect himself against the burning fires of hell instead of ascending to heaven.”


You are skilled to handle constraints and you reverse complex situations to your advantage.

You are a mediator, your words are wise. Your feelings and sense of reason are linked to each other. You are tolerant and believe everyone has the right to live, as they want.



 Famous natives from apple tree: Marlène Dietrich, Mao Tsé-Toung, Ariana Grande, Garou, Dany Boon

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