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In 2018, we planted 22 varieties  of trees

by group of 5 each to create

The Vegetal


Do you know the vegetal horoscope ®?
The Vegetal Horoscope ®  or Tree Horoscope also called  Celtic Astrology is about 7000 years old.

For the Celts, this calendar was more than a simple way of locating time. It allowed them to store and keep all kinds of knowledge.

Each tree corresponded a fundamental field of meaning. The Celtic calendar is a complex initiatory route that reveals to everyone how all things closely connected, form a big picture.

The Tree Horoscope (the Celtic calendar) is divided into 4 cardinal trees and 18 referent trees.


The concept of this astrology is based on observing nature. Trees contribute to clean up the air we breathe.


They were venerated and assimilated to the spirits and the secret strengths of the nature.

The vegetal or tree horoscope is divided into three groups.
Each group embodied of form of intelligence

Each tree is represented by several dates. Spring and Autumn equinoxes figure out those dates, except 4 trees because they only represent one day of the calendar ( called cardinal trees)

In accordance with the logical vegetal horoscope ®, the plant related to the date of birth is more than a simple " Zodiac sign"


Affecting the temperament and determining the guidelines of the existence, it become a guardian, vegetal soul, protector like a friend with whom we share our dreams and knowledge, looking for comfort, help or advice ,  to whom we talk to when we are down and depressed to the point of needing strength and relief, or a pinch of luck.

Group 2

      The Birch tree  

      The Hornbeam tree

      The Ash tree          

      The Hazel tree

      The Poplar tree                      

      The Willow tree

      The Rowan tree


This group represents an imaginative,

intuitive and fanciful intelligence

Group 1 

       The Cypress tree                        

       The Maple tree

       The Cedar tree                        

       The Olive tree

       The Pine tree

       The Apple tree

       The Fir tree

This group represents an analytical, synthetical

and observer intelligence

Group 3

     The Chestnut tree           

     The Oak tree

     The Fig tree                       

     The Beech tree

     The Walnut tree                       

     The Elm tree

     The Lime tree                      

     The Yew tree

This group represents a practical,

realistic and structural intelligence

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